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We delivery your email to you at set times that fit your schedule. Great for newsletters or mailing lists.

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How it works

About Us

InboxLater is developed by Maplegum. It came about because Shawn needed a way to schedule his mailing list emails to times when he actually had time to read them. InboxLater is an open startup and you can follow along with its development on Maplegum's blog

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Your email when you want it

Schedule your newsletters and mailing list emails to arrive when you actually have time to read them.

Your data stays private

Unlike our free competitors we will never sell or share any details from or about your email with anyone but you.

Fast to setup

You can sign up for new mailing lists/newsletters directly using your address or set up an automatic forward in your inbox for mails you are already subscribed to


You can add more addresses to your account after sign up if you want different emails to arrive at different times

Standard Address


  • 1000 emails per month
  • Unlimited mail sources
  • 1 delivery time
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